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If I Were President: Tayana Ali

If I Were President: Tatyana Ali Wants To Fix Our Schools

Posted on October 13th, 2011 by Nikol Hasler 30 Comments

Tatyana Ali has always been outspoken about education, from her early appearances on Sesame Street in the 80′s, to her interviews about the value of getting a degree and her supportive statements about the Millennium Momentum Foundation.

In her video, she talks more about what needs improvement in our public schools at the k-12 level. With around 77 million children enrolled in schools in the United States, this time of year can bring about a lot of change and anxiety. Because of budget cuts, we’re losing teachers, and with un and underemployment rates still casting a bleak cloud over the economy, many families can’t afford to pick up the slack where the schools have fallen behind.

What do you think are the big differences in school now compared to 20 years ago? What do you think will happen as a result of our decline in funding to public education? And what do you think the solutions are?

Don’t forget to UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO HERE, telling us what you would do if you were President. We’re listening. Obama is listening. Speak Up!

30 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    Well Ms. Ali would have to address child on child harrasment. Alot of children cannot concentrate in school do to other disruptive possibly mentally ill if not psychopathic children.

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  7. rati says:

    Well Ms. Ali would have to address child on child harrasment. Alot of children cannot concentrate in school do to other disruptive possibly mentally ill if not psychopathic children.

  8. Per2Bowe says:

    As a high school Creative Writing class, we agree that schools in America need to be fixed. At our school for example, we have two full months when testing replaces learning. We spend millions of dollars on tests, but we don’t have enough computers, electives, or after-school activities. The only pool we have is when it rains.

    These are some of the problems, if you were President, that you should address.

  9. Per1Winslow says:

    We as a class agree that celebrities can do much more than just talk about issues. Instead they can actually go into our communities and help rebuild the school system. We’re tired of listening to celebrities talk about what they would like to do and not putting it into action. It’s a good thing they’re bringing up the issues ,all we want is for them to actually do something wih their ideas. Just do something about it!

  10. Per3Winslow says:

    Our class agrees that we are not offered enough electives. Every year electives are taken away because we “need another class.” For example, this year we lost two electives to not only research, but also creative writing. The goal is to pass the test, and the test comes in the middle of the year. This makes the required classes obsolete by the end of the year. After the test is over we should be given the option for electives.

  11. Per5Winslow says:

    Tatyana was right about the electives and the need for a better education. Americans also need to focus on equality between women and men. Most of the world is gender biased. Women should be treated as equals, and given the same opportunities as men.

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