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Introducing four new writers and Just Think sections

Posted on January 13th, 2012 by Alley Pezanoski-Browne 1 Comment

Just Think is making changes and welcoming some new voices this year. In an effort to provide more in-depth resources and spark conversation with thought-provoking content, you can now expect to see monthly posts from talented guest writers on issues that matter.

Get tips on successful parenting, how to develop a successful career and achieve your educational goals, stories that bring to light how people deal with difficult circumstances, and discussions of why being aware of politics is important and how you can make a difference.

Let’s go a little deeper on our new sections and guest writers…

Just Think Presents:

Secrets to Successful Parenting

Tips on child raising and successfully dealing with schools, teachers, peers, and media.


Elise J. Bell is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who currently lives with her son in Oakland. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization “Knowledge Is Power Institute”. She is now an instructor in computer science at both Laney College in Oakland and at City College of San Francisco. Elise is also an entrepreneur who started What A Bargain, Elmanico Properties, Inc., and most recently I M Trading International, a budding export company. She earned an MS in Education Technology from CSU East Bay as well as an MA in Sociology from Atlantic International University.


Your Survival Kit on the Way UP

Values that you need in order to find success in life.


Crystal Zapata hopes to make a difference through her writing. Her interests include inequality, migration, gender relations, religious and cultural dynamics, and family studies. She was born and raised in California and continues to call the San Francisco Bay Area home. Crystal holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from California State University, East Bay and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from California State University, Fullerton.


Notes from the Underground

Profiles of people who have recently fallen out of the middle class and how they got there. We share information on the organizations and programs that can help if you find yourself in similar circumstances.

Nathan Jones aims to inspire urban youth to live their dreams aloud. He is a poet, storyteller, novelist, journalist, and the author of several books, including Black Man in Europe, Revolutionary Erotica (a collection of poetry), and Excerpts from My Soul: Read Without Prejudice. He is editor of Natural Born Poets. Currently, he is Adjunct Professor At Berkeley City College and Skyline College. Nathan holds an MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College, a TESOL certification from Oxford House College Barcelona, and a BA in Sociology from California State University, East Bay.


Why Should You Care?

Find out what’s happening in Washington and how you can make a difference.

Dr. Benjamin Bowser is from New York City and has been heavily engaged in policy analysis and research on heroin and cocaine epidemics in the U.S., HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention and community studies. Dr. Bowser is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Social Services and former department chair at California State University East Bay where he was outstanding professor in 1996. He has served on three National Academy of Science expert panels, and was a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris (La Sorbonne). He has over fifty research journal articles and anthology chapters. His books include Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost: Exploiting Hip Hop and Using Racial Stereotypes to Entertain America, the now classic Impacts of Racism on White Americans, and several others.


We’re looking forward to sharing new thoughts and lots of discussions with all of you in 2012!

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  1. Juan Paredes says:


    The best for you, just think just landed a brilliant writer. Looking forward to reading your blog.