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Importance of Instilling Manners and Proper Home Training in Children

Posted on January 23rd, 2012 by Alley Pezanoski-Browne 3 Comments

By Elise Bell

I’m an “old-school” single mom who had my first and only child at 39 years old. I was brought up in the days when the words “please” and “thank you” were required phrases especially in the presence of adults. I have since taught my, now, 9 year old son these same rules of engagement.

Times have changed. Disrespect has run rampant. Children are calling teachers bitches and hoes. They raise their voices to their parents and call them out of their names. They act like they know everything. They act like humility is for suckers. This is not true for all kids, but has become more and more prevalent over the years.

Most of these youth will have a rude awakening in the future. Corporate America frowns upon job applicants who cannot exercise standard courtesies and those who cannot or will not submit to authority. In virtually every aspect of life, adults are confronted with situations requiring civility and manners. Without the proper home training, many of these kids, and later adults, will get passed over for those who do. It’s sad to note that the jails are full of these indignant youth and adults.

What are some possible solutions?

  • Parents can insist on a “please” and “thank you” policy with their kids both inside and outside of the house.
  • Parents need to discipline their kids and let them know who’s the boss.
  • Suggest to your children’s after-school program that they add a component in their curriculum that provides training and exercises in manners and proper communication techniques for kids. Or start one yourself!

The old adage of “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is just as true today as it ever was.

Thank you for reading my article.

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3 Responses

  1. As a former teacher and grandmother of nine, I like this article very much and agree with its message. I offer the following suggestion to parents of smaller children: It is not just about saying “Please” and “Thank You” for gifts, although this is important. Setting a good example is also essential. But in today’s society full of bullying and self-centered children, it is helpful to teach your children the benefits of consideration for others and being polite as early as possible. The Magic Word is a book emphasizing good manners, which can be read to toddlers. It is a rhyming story of a little girl who was rude, selfish and demanding – and had very few friends. Her mother suggested that she needed to improve her manners; so when she went to school the next day, she thought of her mother’s advice, “What is the magic word?” and she started saying “Please” and also “Thank You”. She tried to become more thoughtful of others, and discovered that she was a much happier person. The repetitive use of the phrase “What is the magic word?” has children answering “Please”!

  2. Mery says:

    I’m completely agree with your article!!!!!

  3. keumbra says:

    yall need to do much better